Houses, Towns, Bases and Landscapes

So we can’t make maps using Garry’s Mod.

Sure we can use hammer, but not all of us are any good at it. And even still, using it is no walk in the park. So the rest of us take an empty map and use it as a foundation for something all our own.

Be it a luxury home of your own design, a collection of shanties in the desert, a heavily fortified redoubt with multiple subsystems and defensive capabilities, or just some pleasing scenery, share them here.


Below is a currently unfinished (due to my computer’s performance being lackluster) airship dock/ shanty-town, part of a sort of series I’m making in Garry’s Mod centered around airship combat and WW2-esque technology in a fictional setting.

Overview. Map is gm_dddustbowl, a personal favorite of mine.

Hanging laundry in the alley; model from Counterstrike’s de_inferno map.

Looking up toward the main berth.

Looking into a doorway in a narrow, enclosed alley.

Another enclosed alleyway and residence within.

Looking down onto the village from above.

Looking into a rooftop entry for one of the shanties.

Aforementioned roof entries and how shanties are connected.

Ramp down to the main “street”.

Aforementioned area. Incomplete; meant to extend further inward.

Incomplete block; house from which clothes are being hung.

Base of the berthing tower and Harbormaster’s residence

Inside the Harbormaster’s shack- forgot the mattress on the cot near the ceiling.

Looking up from the bottom of the berthing tower.

Makeshift catwalks and landings leading up the tower to the main berth. Other airships can be moored off landings.

Main berth and local airship. Not much of a ship, more like a boat, but “airboat” is already taken.

Catwalk to access airship in berth; detail on the airship.
Though I had to use hoverballs for suspension, the airship does not use thrusters. The piece used for the rudder has fin properties applied to it, making it function as an actual rudder, while the engine is a propeller SEnt attached by a motor.
The village was made as accomidations for this airship, which I use to circle around a group of armed NPCs and snipe them while trying to maintain a suitable distance.

From the side.

“Air - Boat”

Yeah thats pretty good, I like to do stuff like that on servers with Rpers, and then set up structured NPC battles kinda like Left4Dead, where you have a Director, who is like the admin but cloaked, who spawns NPC’s as they go along and opens new areas and spawns weapons, adv dupe traps, stuff like that.
Pretty fun

Never tried that, but that would sound quite fun, especially if the map is properly NPC-noded.

Though there was a period in my time in Gmod in which I went between RP servers using cscdesert and I would set up a shanty or two by the road. In one server- Evolved RP (for which rp_evocity was made)- it caught on and a slew of people pitched in to making a shantytown, and we eventually claimed a corner of the map as sovereign territory. We got the living shit bombed out of us. :\

Though the ensuing war, amazingly for an RP server, ended up being quite fun- no mingefaggotry at all, nothing like run-of-the-mill deathmatch. Plus we ended up winning and getting half the map to ourselves, separated by a fence with guards, checkpoints and everything.

Looks like a mess from a distance but very good up close :smiley:

Need’s more steampunk. Kewl concept.

awesome. I’m gonna find the map you used, and build me something. I have something rather interesting in store…

Thats a cool town you got there. Could hide some terrorists in it.

Reminds me of Mad Max… like most things.
Can’t wait to have a good online gaming computer to do this stuff, I’m a great pilot :3

The style I’m going for is what I like to call “Demi-Steampunk”- it’s similar, but changes the time period to the early 20th century, and has less steam, brass, and ornateness involved, and instead goes for a more art deco-ish/ retro style, and practicality is taken into greater account.

Reminds me of that old flying game, Crimson Skies…

Oh god the nostalgia, nice work on the dock, er, thingy.

Yeah, I was kinda shooting for that style.

My planet - most of you have probably seen

…Mighty FUCK…

I love shanty towns, good job OP!

I like the Fallout 3 style to it. Needs to be bigger with more trash/junk/stuff slewn everywhere

It’s not meant to be Fallout-3 style… gonna have to do some revisions.

I would have done so, but my computer couldn’t accommodate it at the time I built it.

Looks like you forgot to put link to download …
Hint Hint

I spent hours making a 40’s style flying aircraft carrier thing, kind of like that thing in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It seems every time I take on a monumental project, I have a blackout or a crash of some sort.

Fuckin Rad