Hover Byrd

This is my excuse for making something with a gyroscope, which I usually never use. I was inspired by the Fallout 3 vertibird, and DONUT KING’s BSR Vtol: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=974351

I’m more than certain that his flies a LOT better than mine.

It’s all thruster controlled, monitored by an e2 which handles sounds and the gyroscope.
Originally I was going to have it be super detailed, like these screenshots:

However, trying to get it to fly with all that stuff on there was near impossible, so I had to strip it down a bit to this:

It actually flew after I got rid of the biggest parts, and it still looks like what I wanted it to be. Comes with sounds for the engine. I’m still working out the kinks, mainly the horrible rocking after doing turns or braking too fast.


I like it. Reminds me of Gm9.

VTOLs everywhere.

I like it.

Nice bird. A suggestion to help out with gyro stabilization. Increase the weight of the thrusters to give them a stronger hold. I also use an accumulator to help level the gyro stabilization as well. I only do this if its leaning to far in any direction.

Cantido is right–listen to him.
it’s hideous…my eyes…all thruster…I like it. I might suggest a more unified skinning, though :slight_smile: Has a steampunk/post-apoc kind of look taht’s pretty cool.
Adding the stuff for flying you can do with weight =1, nocollide, and then no-weld parenting. Had the same problem myself several times before I got the hang of different types of parenting. Just skin it BEFORE you do this

An accumulator? What is that exactly?

It’s a simple chip in Wire Control: Timer…I think. It’s been a while.

Wow… both looks and acts brilliantly. I really like the sort of apocolypic-I-made-this-panicking-while-zombies-were-beating-on-the-door type of thing.
IMO it’s actually BETTER looking that one that’s all sleek and shiny.

Looks like we got a praise spammer. Anyways, I like the landing gear.