Hover contraptions

Been playing around with applied force and some other E2. These are a few things i have come up with just paying around. HQ video should be up shortly.

YouTube - Garry"s mod 10 Hover car, harley, and surprise with download

Download for the last contraption can be found here…

Click for download!

No Pics, no Clicks.

That’s how we roll around here.

shut up andre, youre a shitty builder.

thats how we roll around here

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Want a picture? Take two fucking seconds out of your life to click the goddamn link and look at it real quick. If you’re too lazy to even do THAT, then shut up and don’t waste our time with useless posts.

That’s how I roll.

Anyway, 2 a slightly more relevant topic, car was cool from the front, can’t say I like the side though.

Though the hover bike is very cool, the only thing I’d do is smooth the ‘hover pads’ rotation

Hey, This is a hover thread, fools.

That’s how we don’t roll

Flaming people for stating their opinions?

Bad way to roll around here.

stay on topic?

what would be even cooler is if you made them lean when they turned

front of car looks cool, needs more curves though, very blocky

I like the stuff, looks nice. I like the broom, that’s awesome!

EDIT: I like the bike

How did you make the hover survive dupe? it breaks for me every time

It uses a simple expression, if you download the broom you can steal it off the E2. Just spawn a flat plate and link an entity marker to it. then wire the e2 to the marker and a button to turn it on and off. I guess i could get rid of the entity marker and just make it whats its welded to, but ill have to so it on my next release.

I am Foxton, no matter what I say, I’ll still be cooler than you.

And Saying No Pics no Clicks aint an opinion… It’s called being a deuche, douche dueche doutch dutch

The youtube link = pics in motion. And if every pic is worth a thousand words, then this tells the story of a man and his hover contraptions on a quest to get some youtube views. Nice hover thingies btw.

Thanks, now I wont have to replace my podracer’s hover every time

Quiddich anyone?!? (sp)

that would be epic.

It totally doable. i have a flag now that you can hold and if someone bumps into you they take it away. if the holder dies the flag will stay where it was dropped. works just like ctf, but i could make it work like the flying ball with wings :stuck_out_tongue:

can you give me the e2 you used on the hovercar?

Download the broom from the OP, it has the same E2 and the car.

I downloaded the broom. I found an e1 that I couldnt figure out how to wire. Is there an e2 on it somewhere?

never mind i edited the applyforce e2 divran made me. It survives dupe with entity markers