Hover platform tutorial.

Hey guys, I played Garry’s mod and I made something cool in it. Here’s how to make a…HOVER PLATFORM ELEVATOR!!

You will need…

4 Hover balls (Up=Up arrow Down=down arrow)

A 2x2 plate

1 Car seat

2 Winches (1 Up=Down Down=Up. 1 Up= Up Down=down

(Basic Steps)

Take out the 2x2 plate and add a hover ball to each corner.

Then put the elevator where you want (lower platform to higher platform)

Connet the Up=Down Down=Up winch to the front of the higher platform and the elevator

Connet the Up= Up Down=down to the lower platform and the elevator

YOUR DONE!!! :slight_smile:

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Sorry I can’t use pictures because I’m on IPad