Hover vehicle - thruster issue

Hello there.

I’ve wanted to build a thruster-based hover hevicle. The point is to build one without usage of hoverballs (because they make the movement look fake and totally non-epic).

Does anybody have any idea how to keep a vehicle steady in the air with thrusters only? (so it doesnt climb or descent, just stays in the attitude I put it in)

I’ve done this all the time.

Make sure you have your vehicle completely balanced in props, not necessary but makes every a hell of alot easier.

Thruster placement for example, is made in a cross, making sure if you put a thruster on one side, make sure to put one opposite of it.

It’s really trial and error.

If I understood you right, you’re missing my point. Your method is about keeping the vehicle from leaning and turning while I want to know how to keep it steady on the Y axis. You know, so it doesn’t go up or down just as if it was hanging on a hover ball but without using the actual hover ball. I will worry about leaning later.

take a plate, and on each corner, place an invert wire chip, a ranger, and a wire thruster. Wire the invert to the ranger, and thruster to the invert chip. you should have to use a rather high thruster variable. It will increase thrust the closer it gets to the ground.

If you need damping so it isn’t jumpy, place a wire thruster on the opposite sides (on the corners), use a variable of 2-10, and place a speedometer with separate axes checked on top of each thruster you just placed. Wire the thruster to Z on the speedometer.

You can do this all a lot more easily with E2 however.

That’s the Z-axis

You could try with wire. Like make a gps and subtract and stuff like that. Like if it goes under 30 on the Z-axis, the value changes on the gps and it makes the thrusters push.

if you set the max range of the ranger to something short it should try to keep orientation. You can place a “speedobrake” (the thruster with a speedometer attached to it) on the edges to dampen rotation of the plate, or use a fin rudder to negate spinning.

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yes, the point of the Z axis is so when the thruster moves on the Z axis it feeds a number to the thruster so it counteracts movement. aka, damping.

Like how exactly? Because I was kinda thinking about that too but I don’t know jack about e2 so if somebody could just paste a script or write an instruction-for-noobies tutorial it would be good.

Thanks for the answers by the way :slight_smile:

edit: What is invert chip?