Hoverballs won't work

Early this week I was able to get CAF(Custom Addons Framework) for gmod using an svn link http://customaddonframework.googlecode.com/svn/trunk which I got from http://www.snakesvx.net/index.php/module_Wiki/title_Help_Info_SVN .Excited I quickly logged on gmod and started building my spaceship. After putting Life Support things on it I decided to put hoverballs on it when I did the hoverball disappeared along with my spaceship! When I removed CAF and started playing it the hoverballs worked but when I put CAF back into my addons folder it didnt work! Please help or send me a different svn link

Just don’t use CAF until a more stable version or don’t get an SVN release.

There’s no other releases.

Except for GMod.org, but that’s not allowed.