Hoverbike racing in the desert

Spaceman got his bike fixed.




Mate :iia:

Motion blur is awesome, angle is awesome, dust is a little 2d on the front but it is still awesome, and posing is awesome too.

You should use more cloud brushes and blood splatters for the mud, because right now it kind of looks like a texture not dissimilar to rain pasted onto a dark shape. It’s quite odd.

Nice posing and motion-blur though.

Ok, ill try that next time.
Thanks :smiley:

Holy fricking shit thats awesome! nice going man!

Pfft, I’m totally not going to copy this idea. By the way, where can I get this hoverbike model :smug:

Fookin Hunter up to his old tricks. Get your own ideas, boy!

This is awesome. I like your sci-fi ideas a lot.

I really like the editing. Have an arty.

Unfortunately, I’m utter shit at being creative.

Wow, I was just looking at those models a week ago and thought:

“This thing looks like a fucking bike”

Here you go.

But i’m watching you…

I’ll just enter the scifi genre again, I miss my cyborg poses, but I also really like the space alien desert thing, so…we’ll see :smiley:

We need more alien models, i’ve ran out of all of them now.

I’ll see what I can do for you. ;D

sexy, where did you procure the hoverbike model?


If only we could make a movie with those effects.

shiiiit those ships are huge

I’m actually trying to make that model work with the Hover Jetbike custom vehicle. It’s uhh…not going too well.