Hoverboard Check Point Map Idea

I come up with ideas for maps and gamemodes a lot but I don’t know enough LUA to create them, so I thought I’d share this one and if anyone wants to use it go ahead, I’ll still do it later once I’ve learned more.
Anyway my idea is this. Mod the hoverboard gamemode and create a map a bit like a demolition derby. People grab hoverboards and have to glide around the map hitting checkpoints for points. First to 20 wins. The only problem is that there are a few dozen, or so (depending on how much lag they create) objects bouncing around the room really fast(pushed by force brushes and things like that scattered around the map, these wouldn’t effect the player). This could be a lot of fun but, like I said, I don’t know enough about programing or even map making(I know hammer but not well enough) to make it.
If you want to go ahead, if you do exactly what I said then please give me credit, and don’t be upset when/if I do it myself.

If this was a bad idea then please ignore me completely :slight_smile: