Hovering on balls

This probably doesnt fully belong here, but it does somewhat and it keeps some trolls off my ass.

Why is there such a hate of hoverballs, i’ve been with gmod for years now, even though this forum account doesnt show it… And i’ve alwatys seen the hate, i just never understood why?

Again this probably doesnt fit here, and has probably been done before, but search doesnt work, so i have to ask and i hate them trolls and flamers.

maybe because it’s too easy to make flying contraptions like helicopters with them and they want to let their contraptions work like the real thing.
I like hoverballs btw

Hoverballs are generally considered cheap.

I think they’re fine for basic stuff.

makes sense. thanks, its very dumb hatred for such a useful thing…

I just wish someone would fix the toggle hoverballs that were around when gmod 10 first came out.