Hovering ornithopter.

This ornithopter flies with similar wing motion to that of a Bee or Hornet (insects which are capable of sustained hover). At the end of each stroke the wing must rotate to keep a constant angle of attack.

The direction it move does not matter as the total lift will stay the same. Drag and hydraulics rotate the wings at the end of each stroke, (the position of the wing is given by a beacon sensor place on a wing, the timing works the same as a piston engine’s) these work in two sets at ninety degrees from each other.

This prodives roughly constant contrain on the wings. If it were not so, they would collapse under the weight of the body. Elastics were used to increase the reaction time and strength of the system.

The craft has no controls and is stabilized with four thrusters. It is EXTREMELY unstable. It has no natural resistance to rotation or uprighting tendency, the opposite actually seemed true. Ornithopter’s might have some advantages when compared to helicopters in hover.

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