Hovering Pictures

I’m trying to make it so there is a hovering picture where players’ body should be.

function Trollin()
for k, v in pairs(players.GetAll()) do
v:SetMaterial()–whatever the vol_light one is, cba to go find it right now
– Here’s what I need. Also, directories for where to put the images would be nice.

Could atleast try to be a bit more descriptive?

I this should be in the request thread. And we don’t really understand what you want.

A hovering picture…? You mean a sprite, like objects use in Doom or something?

Like pedobear ?

Fuck, I was tired when I did this.

For example, I’d like to make the player invisible with the material, then have this: http://img253.imageshack.us/i/trollface.gif/sr=1

Take the place of there head. I suspect I’ll have to do something with 3d2d, but I just need the code to put the picture in.

I do believe you’re looking for something like this.

Not sure if it’s bugless, it was uploaded 703 days ago, after all.