HoverSkate Legacy

For those who remember and have asked over the years to have it back, a server is now provided for free.
The gamemode is working as it last existed called ‘Hoverskate 2’ with minor changes, such as an auto map rotation every hour with notifications in chat to give plenty of warning.
There’s no forums tie-in, or old data linked, but the server is provided on 100 Tick and is working great. Just had 5 or 6 people on yesterday skating with no problems.

All content will automatically download from workshop upon joining provided you are not blocking client downloads (cl_downloadfilter).

Click to join: http://cache.www.gametracker.com/server_info/

Hold Q or sandbox menu key to buy boards (with the bottom right button on the menu) and hold C or sandbox context menu key to spawn them.
(You can simply right click on a board in the buy or spawn menus instead of left click + the derma button)

FYI: I am working on a sweet jukebox addon where $1000 of in-game money will allow you to enter a youtube url to play for everyone similar to how cinema queueing systems work with vote skipping possible.

Future plans entail completely rewriting the gamemode and modernizing it complete with escape menu, main menu, PAC3 integration, more boards, and many other planned features.
Provided there is enough interest for such a modern version, it will be a separate server known as HoverSkate 3, with legacy being provided for nostalgia.

Shout-out to Arblarg for making some of the best maps for the gamemode, Cloverfield for some board models, Im Bored also for some great maps, and everyone else of the over 40,000 who played it on *gaming over 1 1/2 years.
Also shouts to Jinto and Foszor for creating the hoverboard in the first place and Robot for getting it onto workshop working in GM13.

UPDATED: Update info available in next post after the screens.


Server has been updated in the last week or so to include a multi-player jukebox.

You have to hold TAB, spawn menu or context menu keys to bring up a mouse then you can click on any white part of the jukebox to open the menu for it. Here you can request songs from youtube as well as control the volume and Equalizer display.

This makes the game more fun for groups of friends to request songs and have some background music. Songs cost $1000 each (which is really easy to make once you learn how to chain combos together) and are limited to < 10 minutes or 9:59 length.

The queue saves across map restarts/server crashes and songs don’t play while the server is empty so your paid requests are guaranteed to be heard by someone.

I will likely release the gamemode as-is to workshop (albeit it slightly modified as far as backend internals) sometime in the future so any requests for changes or fixes or other things would be useful to have posted in this thread.

no shit am I late lmao , all the good shit was released so long ago that I couldnt even see it till now

Great! Now add a giant soccer ball and two goals and you’ve got imitation Rocket League.

I’d play it.