Hovertank (first attempt)

So, this is pretty much my first attempt at making a vehicle that isn’t a garbage can on wheels. This isn’t a brag post, more of a criticism (especially about the looks) is really really appreciated post. My experience with wiremod is pretty limited but I’d love any advice/criticism/suggestions about it. Especially about how the rocket launcher pod looks, I couldn’t get it exactly right.

controls are:
0 for rocket batteries
. for death lasers

  • to move up/ - to move down
    standard 4568 movement
    No, the turret does not turn independently of the tank. I tried it, it caused issues with the rockets (rockets tend to hit my own tank when I tried)
    It runs pretty smoothly, although it still has a couple issues, mostly involving the rocket batteries. You really don’t want to be moving forward quickly when you fire them. bad things happen.

I’ll post the advdupe if anyone shows any interest

Thanks in advance!

I’m currently thinking about either expanding the turret section, removing the missiles and adding something else, and allowing it to rotate. Or adding a large passenger section to the rear, making it more of a transport (with perhaps the passengers providing additional firepower

Sooo, what makes it hover?..

Looks OK.

Combine props are kind of tired though.

Meh, average

next time try using props that arn’t all combine, experiment, you’d be suprised what looks good together, also its normally best 2 build something that looks like a gun/rocket pod then slap the gcombat on the end and invis it.

respect for ur dp though

Hoverballs. Hidden in the trains.


I tried various things
I was thinking of making a “junk” style tank, one made out of scraps and rust, but that is much more difficult. Combine props just… fit together rather well.


Thanks for the advice.
I thought of doing that, although I rather like the death beam particle effect that shows you when it is recharging/when it has finished

2nd batch of advice

NEVER use hoverballs

and death beams are far over-rated

prepare for flaming, deathon2legs.

dont let it get to you

Here comes flaming(o)

mien has a longer neck betch


homo balls (1st flame hoorah)

You maybe use to using combine props because they are symmetrical. Open the browser menu and look for props that are the same shape on both sides, and you maybe surprise how many props there are that are symmetrical and what you can do with them.

Coming from.a recovering addict of using to many large props to cover area, don’t. As far as finding props, the simples way to do it is just start at the first spawn menu at option one, spawn, select next, spaw, … Until you’ve looked at just bout everything there is to see. It eats up a lot oftime but there is no other way to find parts you like

At some point I tried making a tank out of smaller, more detailed parts, but it spazzed out completely when I made a mistake. I think that once I become familiar and used to all of the controls and the game sensitivity I could attempt it again. I also need to save a lot more often >_>