How 2 custom content (Advanced asset sorting)

You ever have one of those maps with craploads of custom content that is just a PAIN to keep organized and sorted away from alllll your other custom content of various levels? Well worry no more; I have a solution that keeps everything sorted in whatever way you want, even including content from another game!

First off, in your root directory, (In my case steam/steamapps/common/counter-strike source) create a folder with whatever title you want.

Next, add folders like /materials and /models and stick something in there

Once you have that, crack open your gameinfo.txt wherever it is located, (in my case steam/steamapps/common/counter-strike source/cstrike) and add the name of your folder which you created in the root directory.

Add a line similar to

game                          |all_source_engine_paths|foldernamehere

Save the file, and you are done!

With this you can add all the custom content you want per-map and not screw over your main folder. For more levels, you just add more folders and sort your assets like a root folder.

There is usually a folder called “custom” in CSS already.

That’s what the file path is supposed to look like for me. Each folder in custom is like the root game directory. You can drop vpk files in custom too. I usually put map content into a vpk and ask people to drop that in their custom folder.

Yeah, the “custom” folder is basically what you’re doing without having to do any notepad work.

You can make any number of folders with any name in /custom and and have all your materials and content organized within them.

Indeed, but if you have a variant of a material, or want to sort your content per map, it’s better to do it this way.

I know exactly what you are talking about, the custom folder allows the same functionality. In any case, I appreciate you making the thread, there is so much to the steampipe update that mappers still don’t know about. I know a lot of people who are putting assets in the old way and it just makes a mess of everything.

Here’s the readme.txt in the “custom” folder:

Is the “custom” folder specific for CS:S or does this work for Garry’s Mod, Half-Life 2, etc?

Custom folder works for any source game. You can stick vpks in there as well.

Works for any steampipe game.

This is great, thanks