How A Server For Solo Players Should Be?

Hello, I’m a lone wolf, I got sick about being raided by a group of 6 or 10 people, so yesterday I created my own server to play in peace with some colleagues.
but the hosting I was with got a server crash and now I need to start all over again with a different company.

How a server for solo play or 2 MAX should be?

**-It has to be vanilla or modded? if modded, what mods?

-How many spots? 50 - 70 - 100 or more?

-How large? 2500 - 3500 - 4000 or more? -

-With lots of mountains or just flat?

-Many lakes and rivers or mostly ground?

-With guns? Or only male, bow and crossbow?**

Can you rust players help me sorting this out?

If you have more questions or suggestion i’m happy to hear that.


Just look what popular servers have - players are there because they want these things:

  1. TP but limited
  2. Increased gather rates - at least 5X
  3. Remove command
  4. Increased drop rates

On #4 - IMO the best is an increase in items dropped from barrels and quality of those items, but do not make it a megaloot boost so there are tons of BPs, rockets, top guns, C4 etc. in the game. You want these to be increased, but limited - but you need increased loot to make the barrel grind much, much better.

Server size - doesn’t matter - I would say 100 is good, or a higher amount.

To answer your post: you need Oxide, and Vanilla rust is awful because of the resource and barrel grinds.

Increased gather rates, TP, remove, instant crafting, increased drop rates.

The above is what I look for on any server I play solo on.

Why would you need TP playing solo?

I can’t commit much time to Rust so I play lone wolf. I’ll never play anything but vanilla.

I’m lazy. I can venture out far from base gathering and when I’m ready to return I can TP home. I love the TP function and won’t play a server without it.

I should try on of these server, progress is kinda slow if you have a full time job.

Can you recommend a server for solo?

Why would you play a server with 500 ping that someone recommends to you? Or, how can we recommend a server with less that 200 ping without knowing where you are?

I don’t get this question when people ask. I only play servers close to me, and usually less than 100 ping away.

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TP saves a ton of boring, wasted time running across the map. I would rather be playing, since I can’t commit much time to Rust.

If you look to the left where my avatar is you will notice a little german flag. Amish is from the us so ping won’t be a problem.

Modded for increased gather and stack sizes.

Not over the top because if everyone has c4 and rockets quickly, then you’ll just end up with solo players leveling everyone’s bases.

Limited teleport although I have mixed feelings on it.
Instacraft or half craft.

I like maps that have flat areas but not all flat. Nothings more frustrating thank finding out your foundations are too low…or 2 high as you build.
Might want the mod to change TC coverage back, and perhaps turn off decay for everything but twig… or turn it down.

If you are going to play just you with friends, then just make your own server on your PC, and activate it when any of you wanna play.

I’ve been banned because I’ve advertised my server in this forum, didn’t read the rules, fair enough.

This is the server I created for solo players


To join the server write in console “client.connect” or search the name of the server

Mod Installed:

X4 Gather






Stack x10000








More Barrels

bipi’s list is a good list of what most good modded servers use.

didn’t learn very quickly huh…

Just missing NoDecay…

Adding that now

Quicksmelt too :slight_smile:

Nothing new that isn’t available on a hundred other servers.

No decay… played on some servers with that. 100 sleepers, 4 players, and a thousand abandoned bases all over the map.

Beats 50 players and rubble everywhere lol. The NoDecay mod I mentionned has multipliers so you can slow decay or stop it or even make it faster, its up to the admin to configure it for his needs. The stock decay is just mighty retarded, sorry.

I know a work around. It’s ugly, but it works.