How About A Cup Of Tea?

Why yes, thank you.

Oh god this tea tastes like shit

You obviously have never had Southern Sweet Tea


no bro

pg tips. best tea ever

No one drinks sweet tea from a tea cup.
About the image.
Is pretty. Now that is a place that I would want to sit down and have a cup of tea at. (That is if my eyeballs didn’t pop out of my head and the other factors that would contribute to death didn’t occur.)

Tea Time with: Neil DeGrasse Tyson

I don’t give a damn what cup I’m using to drink sweet tea from, that shit is awesome.

Nub you should probably not stare at Turtle’s tits when you say that.

So pretty.

Holy shit this is awesome…
Please be my master :smile:

Dem time-space travellers. Always pickin’ beautiful spots.

Well done. Again.


Could you imagine such a view?