How about a "little" bit balance?

my english is not that good! sorry for that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

playing since 3 weeks rust and i love it! but i just realize that some items are useless and some are rlly missed.
ppl rush tooo fast weapons and metaldoors with codelocks.
isnt it to easy to rush that things? it lose value if you can get so fast your metal doors and stones to build an empire!
flamethrower is kinda useless when there arent wooden bases and everything is in 5 mins upgraded with stone.
would be cool if this all are more difficult. ppl just build 100 doors with 100 codelocks and metalfrags are losing value too at the endof basebuilding

we also need basic things like:
fish and sharks in sea
tigers and birds?

bicycle? and surveillance camera from airdrops to use in front of door…
what about dogs as pet to cover the building?
more traps? and something which show us the radius of own cupboard? maybe when we hold a buildplan in our hand?

player leave tooo fast the server… cuz of bad starts and co. would be cool if there is a “30-min peace time” at the first join in server.
how about a option to create a clan with max 5 members… by creating clan you get treasure chest and a flag which you have to defend… crafting “gold” (new item which have to be in the clan chest and you can also trade it with all stuffs in a “market”) increase your clan highscore to the top and thats why ppl look for you and try to raid.
if they get gold you just lose your points on the highscore.

this is what we need hardly and than you can call it beta =)

sorry for my english … i know its terrible and horrible :stuck_out_tongue: haha

I kinda agree with what you say about rushing to certain items. I think early game is way too short in Rust. However, I think the upcomming XP system is adressing most of this.

Some “not bad” ideas in there, (and your English was good enough for me to understand everything you meant).

Yeah! You truly have some good ideas, but some of the issues (regarding the rushing) are solved by the XP system, just as Trustno1 said. The XP system is the best thing that could happen to Rust (my opinion) and it causes you to play a lot (or with a certain strategy) before you can make some of the end game items. Like the armored doors; it requires you to farm for at least 1.5-2 hours. For some that might be just logging in once, for others it is already quite a accomplishment if they can make these.

So it will all depend on the balancing, but after 2 months you will have a perfectly smooth and fine XP system! I know for sure that Gary and his team will make it perfect!

To your CCTV idea; YES! But it was already suggested a million times, so hopefully they will implement it somehow any time.

Fishing will soon be implemented I think and the suggestion of birds is a good one in my opinion.

More traps are coming as well and as last your idea of having a guard dog or something. If you really like that: I believe there are some ways to get your own bear guard. He will slay any **** that comes near you house (including you). Just look it up on Youtube or something. I got slayed twice by a bear while raiding someones housewhere the bear was trapped inside.

is it rlly that hard to creare new items?
i have already a new idea: BOATS :smiley: 500 wood and lets go ;D

Let’s be serious here, if we didn’t have metal doors early on, how would you address that with servers that only wipe monthly or when a major change comes along? Make them wait like two days whilst they all have flame throwers… Just burning their way in, and giving god mode to players is just stupid, what are they gonna get peace time for the 30mins they’re on the server? first time, okay let’s have them grief a bit while they’re at it… I’m sorry, but nearly all your idea’s are terrible, sure having cctv would be cool and fishing, not that it won’t be abused :confused: or anything, and the maximum group idea won’t work either, what are they gonna ban players for playing with more than 5 players? I don’t think FP can keep who’s track of who, people with a private profile will stop that in a matter of seconds. 90% of your idea’s are based to make all the longer lived players kill you quicker and make players leave a whole lot earlier.

my friend :wink: if you are an hardcore player who have no rl and can play all day long to get in 2 days all weapons is it your problem :slight_smile: its only the community servers which are wiped every 2 weeks or 1.
the game not have map wipes =) and the periode is 1 month … so dont mix the official servers with your community servers.
its good enough if ppl get in 1-2h an metal door but actually they can rush in 2h 200 metal doors inside and this is not right :wink:

I never stated that I get all the weapons in two day’s, but please point that out if you can… By the way, the passive aggressive attitude you have is quite, how should I put it, retarded? Like, you must really suck, if you can’t get a simple metal door up on a 4x4 base in an hour or so, or trade for that matter, typical solo player’s, can’t play the game well, so they assume everyone else is a no lifer. I’m currently running with 3 other players who all put in together. I just don’t see any well made points in this post, and your little speech made no sense either, clearly English isn’t your strong suit, but using Google translate isn’t that hard.

I would like to point point out that on a vanilla server playing by yourself, it takes at least an hour and a half to get a metal door, and even longer to upgrade bases.

Im not disagreeing with your ideas about slowing down the start game a little but

between the constant wipes and the amount resonable of time some players have to spend on rust it can hard to progress to any high if your a sole player with the current game play, if it is streched out any more a lot of players may not play at all ?