How about a little consistency ?

New update bring new & old problems back?

Can’t demolish items >> walls, foundations etc…

Global chat is broken

Do I really need to go on?

And you wonder why people are leaving??? As a server admin and owner it is hard to keep players in this game.

A project manager should actual be overseeing what is released.

The only thing this update brings, is frustration to the players.

Yeah no $hit hence the feedback smartass!

Yes, it would be helpful. Also you should post them here or vote them up if they already exist.

Things break during development. hence Protocol7’s post. It is expected. It is unreasonable to be on the bleeding edge branch and expect things to be perfect first shot out. These releases ARE going to be flawed! The game is in development. It goes hand in hand.

Bashing people over the head with early access isn’t any more helpful than posting general unspecific complaints. The whole reason this forum exists is for feedback. It would be much more productive to point people in the direction of bug reporting as utilitron has.

you guys need to realize when people are telling you “ITS ALPHA” it’s not to say don’t give feedback, it’s to say stop getting so angry and give constructive feedback lol.

“Do I really need to go on? And you wonder why people are leaving???”

neither of these are helpful. At the very least actually list all the issues you’re having so the devs can be made aware.