How about a NPC village

So all the talk is about sleepers and hotels and whatnot, and I’m sure there are not “safe zones” in the game on purpose. However real players are so unreliable to run something like this but I believe a small NPC town could tie all this together nicely. You could put a hotel and bank in there, it’d be a place where people could feel safe to go and trade with one another. And I’ve seen safe zones in other survival games, it’s not all tea and cookies, you really gotta watch your butt trying to get in and out of those places because raiders know that’s a prime traveling spot. Anyway just ideas, you keep making it and I’ll keep playing it…

Sort of like the DayZ and WarZ safe zones? I like this idea!

This would definitely be nice, but you should have to pay a fee to enter. If there’s no official currency by the time the game is finished, than the price to enter would be some form of items. I do like the idea as building up a house and then getting it raided and dying because I have something interfering with me playing would be much appreciated. Maybe there could even be a bank to where you could store a small amount of items, like 5 items (Including Stacks). I haven’t played the game so I don’t know of the variation of items, nor how inventory is really managed.