How about a release CountDown? :D

Since theres some difference in hours in some countries, and since we are near the suposed release date (11-12-13) would you mind adding a fancy countdown on “”, this will also prevent people from getting mad if in their country is already on the 11-12-13 and their waiting for the Game to be Released on Steam, also when the day comes you guys have some more hours or minutes depending on the counter to make final adjustments?

*I know that you guys are “PLANNING” to release on that date but if your positive that your really releasing it on the 11th, add the counter, it will give us some hype. Ahah

I’ve been wanting them to make a countdown clock myself! Unfortunately, with the release this close, I doubt they will bother with it.

11/12/13 is not the release date so to speak, it is the day Rust (still in its alpha build) will be available on steam. As far as i understand it a completed version of the game is still a long way off.

Yeah I am hoping they will add a countdown since it’s 9am here on the 11/12/13 :stuck_out_tongue: Just have to wait i guess :smiley:

And, okay, “Available on Steam”, I just used the same term they used on “”… -> release :dance:
You know what I meant by Release…

They are shooting for that date and will probably hit it ( Tomorrow after all) but a timer won’t really work because it’s hard to say the exact time.

As you can see on trello, looks like they encountered some other bugs/features they could add/fix on Rust. so maybe a counter will just stress them a little because of a timelimit? :S

So is the release date still set for steam or did they push it back?

From what I know, yes it’s still the same date, they didn’t say anything about delaying the Release(as of now…)

A countdown timer would be nice :slight_smile: Just because people do live in completely different time zones.

Agreed. I keep checking the site hoping for a massive sign that says “Early Access Available.” We can only hope. :slight_smile:

Haha, I know. So anxious right now! :smiley:

Pretty much sums up my day today :L lol

Atleast i’m not the only one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably wont be untill 5am GMT

Perhaps they don’t have a specific time themselves?