How about a trades/skills system?

In the legacy version of Rust we have the Oxide plugin ‘L.E.S.’. Many players seem to enjoy that plugin because it gives them something to do. I think that something similar could benefit the experimental branch of the game. Even simple skills like cooking, mining, etc would probably work. Maybe for cooking you could improve cooking times and reduce waste from overcooking/burning. For mining maybe you get better yeilds of precious ore as you become more experienced. Similar ideas can apply to weapon making, lumber, etc. Perhaps the various biomes could even have their own strengths when it comes to the resources/and trades they cater to.

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that would enjoy seeing this sort of idea implemented natively in Rust. I think being able to develop/master common trades would allow players to evolve and encourage some diversity in the server communities. Perhaps breaking the current cycle of running out of things to do in the game and drifting off after a few days.

Perhaps the Oxide plugin developers will still implement it for those who do enjoy having some sort of skill system. The L.E.S. plugin really is kinda fun in the legacy branch. Give it a try. It shouldn’t be hard to find a server using it. I think it helps in those times when you have everything researched, you have a huge house, tons of supplies, and you have nothing else to do. With a skill system at least there’s something to work for. It kinda makes you want to keep going instead of just getting bored.