How about an option to disable Weapon Sway/Bullet Drop/Travel Time?

What do you guys think about this?

It would allow players that would rather have a more legacy weapon feel to have that, basically bullet hits would be instant, no travel time/bullet drop whatsoever. Weapon sway would be completely removed so that you could once again move and try to avoid the opponents firing at you whilst shooting back at him.

I think this would attract more players from Legacy and of course all the players that enjoy the current combat system could just carry on playing that. What ya think?

It’s not like there’s that many people playing legacy anymore - and besides, the more important bits of the development process is adding/balancing the game, not appeasing to certain players.

Players should adapt to changes in the game (within reason of course), not change the game so they don’t have to do anything.

It wouldn’t be bad as an option for server admin to choose to use. I’m sure there’s a plugin for that.

I like the bullet physics. Maybe have an option for server admins where you can decide between legacy and the new mechanics.
I’d like a button to hold the breath, though. Three to four seconds of reduced weapon sway and shooting at longer distances would be way more pleasant.

Exactly, I’m not asking for them to change the direction they are developing their game… It would just be an optional setting so that people that wanted it could choose it.

Almost every streamer that i remember helped making Rust big when it was released and are veterans of the game really liked the Legacy gun play so it’s not like i’m this solo player asking for something no one else wants. I understand the majority supports the new game but i feel like the game isn’t properly optimized for this type of combat, the game has to do more calculations then with a simpler system, might help the stuttering problem the game currently suffers from.

I agree so much!!

Well the combat in rust is clunky and shit, having stable weapons would make it much more enjoyable

Options are great, but at some point the developers are making their vision of a game… not simply a code base that can be tailored to suit each server owner’s desire. And their vision apparently includes inexact weaponry and semi-realistic ballistics. Why don’t they include the option to make the whole map a desert and transform horses to giant sandworms? Simple answer: that’s not the game they chose to build.

it would also make nudie killing that much more easy for everyone with a gun, and guns that much more powerful

guns would pretty much become laser cannons