How about Beartraps?

As in the title, how about beartraps? Will they be added?
Would be really cool and would fit in the setting. Would also be a good self defence against offline raids :slight_smile:
What do you think?

You are talking about trap pits filled with bears right?

While I’m not too keen on bear pits, making spike pits would be pretty bad ass. Too bad it would also be easily turned into a grief item.

Edit: Don’t get me wrong, a pit full of bears would be hilarious. :wink:

I’ve suggested this along with other pressure plate traps such as land mines

Since it is a survival game, you should always be able to survive.

Giving people the means to make invisible “instakiller” would defeat the purpose of that aspect.

So you would have to make traps visible which would render them pretty much useless.

Then again id like to see some kind of stationary defense. Maybe something that has to be activated by the defender or could be avoided completly by the attacker.

You could for example give people the option to “throw stones”(like a big bucket which you have to fill with stones and activate to make themfall down) at people raiding, which could be avoided if you pay attention, but also deadly if you catch people by suprise.

You might not even make traps deal damage, but stun people (blur vision, make them bleed, brake legs and so on)

even if it is just the sound to tell you were the enemy was

This idea, I like. An alarm of sorts - it would also scare me if I was raiding someone and then an alarm went off.

I wouldn’t mind a self triggered c4 instead of just a timed one. So say for example someone is about to c4 a door open and you’re inside. You might of placed c4 on the ground near the door hidden with maybe a box on top of it. Then you trigger it when they are close or poking their noses in the box.

Kind of like a jack in the box. (pop goes the weasel). Basically c4 with a trigger.

I like the sound of it, but make it an actual trap:

That way it won’t be op against players, as they can see it, but it will work on animals. Some way of luring the animal would be needed too.