How about Facepunch close the official servers so you guys can breathe a little?

Looking at the threads about official servers being down for days or infested with hackers, I was wondering if it’s really worth it for a small studio to manage that many servers. There is now enough community servers to cover most of your player base and those are often carefully managed by legit Admins monitoring their shit while they’re supposed to be working (or a 13 years old but those are visible now). Some servers might be kept online in areas where the community servers offer is not sufficient to cover the demand but that should be it.

Oh and kudos for hosting Battle Royale!

Just my two cents to make your life easier guys.

I think there should always be a small selection of officials, as any game shouldn’t rely on the community propping it up, but mainly any new player will instinctively beeline to an official unmodded server.

I think there should be a big disclaimer on the official servers warning that they are not administered, hacker detection is limited and liable to go down for undisclosed time periods, with a suggestion that people try a community server while the game is in alpha. Essentially they are a test bed for game development.

I played on London 1 for months before I came on here and discovered officials are not the way to play

small studio, sure, but they earn more than enough to warrent a selection of official servers

i’ve always played on official, sure they have had problems but the recent addition of the new english servers is very welcomed and i’m having a blast on them.

official servers is the vanilla game as hosted by the developers, why would you suggest closing them?

I would never want to play on a community or modded server

the admins and the real good friends of those admins allways have everything they need and if they dont have it yet well then they can just get it or spawn it
No for me only official servers as it feels much better

Rather cynical, aren’t you? If that’s your view of community servers, you’ve either never played on one and parroting heresay or tried once and happened across one that was run by some immature kid.

Everyone that tells people to not play on official servers actually have fully experienced both sides of the coin and from that experience, far prefer a good, reputable community server over the unreliable, hacker-ridden, poorly-performing trash that is the official servers.

I have only bad experiences of the community servers, it is not a plausible alternative in the slightest. Most players share this viewpoint with me and play EXCLUSIVELY on official servers, hence the outrage when they go down, migrating to community ones is simple out of the question.

Until now i have not found 1 good community server and i tried a few dozzen of very active busy servers
But yeah it can be possible that your correct but still like to play more on official servers then on those unofficial servers.
On the official servers there are admins from time to time if really needed, plus its good there are hackers on any server if it means it will be repoted found and fixed for future purposses

Funny because the way I’ve seen it, it’s pretty much the exact opposite of what you’ve said, including my own experiences playing the game. I will never go back to official servers.