How about this for a back story?

So, the year is whatever. Sometime after WW3. The greatest war ever, fought by drones, droids and ermm, AoL.

Decades ago, world leaders pressed buttons, ran computer programs, and launched an all out war. These programs, however, continued in an infinate loop.

Civilisation was all but wiped out but the program kept running. Launch attack, complete bombing run… rinse and repeat.

All around, droids protected structures, defended their land, attacked hostile threats. Their programme is still running.

Long dead pilots, still strapped in their seats, fly supply runs and airdrops to troops on the ground. The aircraft on autopilot. Everything is automated.

Everything is automated for eternity. A ceaseless war

Except you. You survived. For now.

And the Name of the Company: Nokia

What explains the radiation? Nuclear warfare maybe?

Of course it’s Nuclear, hence the Rad zones…

And yea, armour made from nokia phones! fooking indestructible :smiley:

OK so let start with a post apocalyptic time period say 5-10 years from now but the time is erroneous, as the time that passes from the first bomb to the first human to set foot on earth could be a year could be decades.
2 years from now a major war is started and does not abate, the warring nations pile millions into developing tech automated factory’s with zero worker, these were set to work manufacturing supply’s and vehicles mainly for military use, most of these vehicles are autonomous, also during this tech advancement one government was experimenting on creating an army of clones and also the cloning of animals for food and predator animals for the genes to create artificially enhanced clone, on a remote island, in a fully automated facility deep under ground.

the war reached a climax 5-10 years from now and nuclear war decimated all living animals and humans, now the war is over but the computers now running on solar and renewable energy still try to complete the tasks they were set.

the island is rust, the computers deep in rust island complete there work and the waste animals that are no longer needed are discarded, a computer not knowing what to do with them but knowing it must clean to await it’s next assignment, simply releases these creatures into the wild, the creatures start to breed,

meanwhile the human cloning is coming to the end of it’s gestation period the human hatch-lings are ready to emerge, fully grown with rudimentary life skills programmed in, the computer not knowing what to do decides to release the humans to the island as a storage area, (this would give you the endless spawns of new people that look the same.)

meanwhile an automated military computer on the mainland scans the world looking of survivors, why you may ask, well as just moments before the bombs hit one of the scientist at the main automated plant altered the code of the computers to search out and aid any survivors of the holocaust. hence when the population of the island reaches a certain level the computer detects the life signs and sends an drone plane to deliver supply drops.

This could also account for patrol helicopter another governments automated system looking for bio-metric signs of enemy soldiers, due to the fact all the humans left are clones of a soldier, any human the scan pick up are tagged for deletion.

also this would account for near perfect guns ect… still around (due to automated manufacturing plants)

this could mean we fight robots as well, sort of like MAD MAX meets TERMINATOR

This was wrote back in may

So here my Backstory.

The Company Nokia declared a Nuclear war that wiped nearly the hole population of the Earth

The Nukes splitted the earth appart. and the Maschines of Nokia are Still on the Run to destroy everything

that is destructable.

People build an Almighty clone Maschine. An Asked Bruce Willis to be the main Artisan of this War.

Since that day Bruce Willis is fighting other Bruce Willis clones with his Stone Garry.

There is Hope.

There is hop.

That is because I am John Freeman, Saver of Humens.