How about urban gardening

I like the pallets, makes it look improvised. Plus its green : )

I do remember garry saying something about Helk starting work on farming ? Havent heard much since, but it would be awesome.

I mean just think of the possibilities,
there could be food of course,
but for example herbs that increase your stamina,
or push your health up,
you could do drugs that give you an higher improvement with the risk of an addiction
or drug/ poisen other players to make them an easier target by blurring their views or slow their movement
or force them to obey orders.

In several occasion the idea of farming was up, i think that there will be farming in game… how they will look like it’s a mistery…

If memory serves me right he said they were going to start working on farming prior to giving up on the old code base. We probably will see some implementation of farming, but it probably wont be for a while.


Because of all those huge, populous, bustling cities in Rust.

I like whoever said that drug idea. That’d be awesome, to like drug sleeping players. So when they woke up they were all dazed and stuff. Or even sneak up and drug online players, so they went into a state exactly like if they were sleeping, but they could still see everything going on.

I think OP means something in the vein of urban farming as something survivors would be forced to do in their situation. The land might not be amazingly fertile or something, so they’re stuck to using compost in wooden boxes and stuff like that. I think.

The only idea I see potential in here would be poisons. Everything else seems too RPG-like. Forcing someone to ‘obey your orders’ sound silly, and nearly impossible to implement. I know these drugs exist IRL but in terms of a video game you’d be better off having some sort of abduction system like Stomping Grounds did.

Urban farming refers to growing edible crops in a city. It is not a style.

well that’s debatable given that the technique is a “style” of farming.

You clearly haven’t threatened an unarmed person whilst wearing kev with an M4. Or been on the receiving end not wanting to lose your shit. :L

LOL actually I have many times. It’s also happened to me. It’s a fucking video game, and I’m not a bitch. I won’t do shit someone tells me to do unless there’s literally something stopping me from controlling my character. You clearly have no balls or self respect if you value your Rust shit more than your dignity.

Agriculture is one of the things that helped bring civilizations together IRL, the inclusion of farming, done right, might be able to serve a similar function in Rust. Teams coming together to secure and defend a farmlands for their team.
With spoiling foods and the higher populated servers making resources more scarce this could be very valuable.

Farming and agriculture in general is somenthing that they already hinted that it will be in the game. The good thing about the agriculture and farming system is that its a “pve” system and it will bring a lot of people to the game that didnt like much the legacy rust because it was pretty much all about pvp. Now we can see that rust is really going into a survivalist mode.