How advanced.will the crafting system be in the future?

With the crafting dupe exploit (about to be) getting fixed, does that bring the possibility of having more advanced player buildings? Perhaps there will be some metal brace-reinforced wood pillars, or possibly concrete bunkers that can only be destroyed with explosives of some kind.

I’d love to see some more advanced RPG elements. Factions, Faction-owned bases, radiation removal tools and systems, multi-stage crafting and such. This game has the potential to be incredibly advanced, but with a very gentle learning curve. I certainly hope the game flourishes.

Like all of this has already been suggested.

It’s been said that in the future they hope to start including turrets and friend or foe tags so that you and your friends can build compounds and work in peace etc.

Sounds pretty advanced to me.

The more advanced and complicated the better imo :dance:

Yea i would say its going to get more advanced, but not any more complicated. ( ideally simpiler, without degrading choices )

I don’t think we will ever be adding in explicit faction features. by that i mean we’re avoiding having some menu where you have to declare your affiliation. We’ll eventually be adding some character customization (visuals) that people who want to consider themselves as a faction could use to color themselves. Things like having a pincode on a door or safe again you could share with your faction members. But we are purposely avoiding things like clan tag entry screens or some sort of built in to game faction system ( when it comes to players, npc’s may be a different story )… so that people and groups of people can choose how to identify eachother.

This also means that things like domination/conquest where you have to wait on a flag to capture a area or any other team based gameplay requiring a subset of game rules aren’t planned. but for example if we allow people to upload their own image to be used for their own flags that they can craft and they then make a building and put their flags all over it, the natural thing to take over that building would be to remove the flags and optionally put in your own. I’m not saying we’re going to add custom image uploading but using that as a example.

With that said we probably wont be adding tagging of people manually as well. It’s not that were shooting for realism, but if you were able to tag someone as a friend and it showed [FRIEND] above their name (moreso if it did when far away but applies to close range as well), while its pretty common to see features like that in games today imo it breaks any survival instinct/fear. I personally think any means of identifying yourself or another player should be up to you and those who you want to identify you. Any outsider who is keen enough to be able to pick up on what you do between friends to identify each other (whether that means dressing similar, some combination of jumping and or ‘secret door knock’ ect) you will have to watch out for! Those kind of tactics are part of the game, by not putting in bullet proof ways to identify yourself, they are naturally there.


I want traps :smiley:

Right now the best way to play is to not get too invested in anything you have… It might be cool to build safes and stuff and have a way to find areas easier.

When I said friend or foe tags I meant tags worn on the person so that the turrets won’t shoot you :wink:

ah gotcha, i’m pretty sure we’ll have ir beacons where you can set the flash rate on them to match whatever rate you configure the turret to detect as friendly.

there should be a way to craft batteries for this and flashlights so they have limited uses. and the turrets idea is good but how will it be able to detect if its a animal or a player?

Yea we are planning on having fuel be a important resource, batteries will be able to be recharged using generators/alternators.

ideally it shoots at anything with a heat signature that doesnt have a ir flasher at the right frequency near it. But to be clear turrets in general are not high on the priority list right now. They would be put in after fuel and electricity

well that’s intresting I didn’t think of recharging batteries i just thought of one use and done kinda thing because radiation is from a nuke or something which also causes an emp effect to short out electricity