How alpha is this alpha?

Probably a dumb question for two reasons,
Number 1:
Nobody knows yet, not even the devs.

Number 2:
The whole point of an alpha is to imply the game is very early in development.

However, I think it still possesses some validity as a question and so;

Just how alpha is the rust alpha?

How big are the upcoming changes?
Is this what the graphics quality and style is likely to finish off as?
Remember, was once TF2 alpha.

Are we looking at that level of change?
Or something like minecraft, where the game just gradually shifted into it’s “Official” release without any significant changes to the basic game?
Or is this really just an early beta, named an alpha so that should major changes happen, people don’t get disgruntled?

Wikipedia’s definition of alpha seems to fit this game quite well, stating that only very minor changes are made to the game, and most of the work is simply on bugs and code.
So it could well be that this is the game, minus a few weapons, enemies and perhaps a tech tree or two.

I could be very much mistaken, but the engine and gameplay seem fairly sound.
There’s a lot of talk of the game gradually progressing to beta, then a final version, with simple content patches and bug fixes, but is this actually the case?

What level of… adjustments are upcoming?
I’m not even talking big things like… vehicles, map filling in, zombies being replaced with decent enemies.
But are there actually major things in the works?

I doubt anyone knows, but at the very least, this’ll be a nice thread for some speculation, rumours or hints.

If anyone has any knowledge, ideas or is a dev, let us know.
I’m genuinely curious to see where this game is headed.

Yeah, the reason I bought the game was because I assumed that it would be a whole new game when it was finished. Better as in bigger map (insane scale), better animal behaviour, bigger forests, better PvP (as in seeing your friends tags or something), crafting and raiding ballance, new weapons, changes to them and much more. If I’m playing on the same map 2 months from now with no change I will be very unhappy.

from what i gather most of the stuff we have now are place holders.
sounds are placeholders
the models are place holders
the zombies are place holders
the current progression of weapons is a place holder
the map is designed to be expanded over time (only about an 8th of it is populated)

an alpha is when almost nothing is certain

a beta as when things are more solid and bug fixing is the major part

but an alpha is active development, its the type of thing traditionally left to inhouse testing

There’s a big chance that everything will change. The best you can do is follow the trello since that’s where devs post what they’re doing.

I’d say roughly 15% of what’s in the game currently will likely be present in the finished game.
All the guns/armor that haven’t been replaced will be.
Zombies will be nixed.
Models/animations/sounds will almost all be redone.
Entire crafting/research system will be redone.
Tons of content and craftables yet to be put in.

Right now, as far as I can tell since playing before Steam release, they’re mostly working on the engine and major bugs/glitches and entry level tech. I’ve noticed little concern on game balance, just stability. Development was really slow in the beginning, however it has since gained traction and is starting to get underway.

But see…

To me, this is all minor changes.
Changing the models, enemies and animations barely constitutes changes.

What about bigger things, are we getting water environments, for example?

If all that happens is the game gets a spit shine and brought into 2013, I’ll be… content. The game’s premise is fine, that’s why I am playing it even now.
But I really want some big changes.

Rust has HUGE potential right now, I really truly hope it lives up to it.

Eventually there’ll be vehicles, let me put it that way. New mechanics will be slow to come in. Considering it’s Garry and if you take his past work into account I think it’s safe to say everything that can be done will be done.

This game is very frustrating! But my god for an alpha i feel like its more polished than Battle Field 4. I bought Dayz and this about a week apart and this game is by far the best of the two. That being said i have explored a lot of the map that hasnt been developed and it is going to be fun. There are some nice area’s out there.

What you don’t like barking bears?

Jokes aside, from my understanding the game has a lot of updates in the making they are essentially an indie company that has fortunately created a few successful projects already. Given that I’d say this game has quite the future.

I sincerely hope that there are more drastic changes than vehicles and resource expansion.

I want to see water environments. I don’t know why I keep coming back to this, But I’ve never seen a survival game do water well.

It’s alpha as fuck

Its alpha enough that any legit complaint you have with either get you ban on forums or “Do you not understand what alpha means”

alpha like a mofo

beta fuckers

this is a very polished alpha honestly i’ve been in alot of betas and alphas and this being playable as it is and how much stuff actually works makes me think this is going to be a big contender in this kind of genre