How are official servers these days?

I heard they improved a bit

I’ve been playing on facepunch Toronto for almost 2 months now. I saw one speed hacker the first week, and haven’t seen a single hacker since. A few ppl every now and then I wonder about aim hacks, but it’s never been an issue for me. Apparently there are more hacks than I have seen, but I don’t play in large groups. I imagine hackers probably hit the larger clans more often

How hard is it for solo players and small groups (1-3 people)? Will you always get raided when you are offline?

It’s harder for small groups/solo. You are at a simple numerical disadvantage. However if you play smart you can be smaller, more hidden and more omnipresent/mobile. It’s a fun challenge, but I’ve never survived for 24 hours in an official server. My base either.

On a crowded server, you won’t always get raided with a very small stone base with armored door. But in any busy area you are pretty likely to be killed if caught.