How are people even able to steal shared code?

So today, I found out a bunch of addons I made for my TTT server were STOLEN. Here is one of them:

Really? Because it seems like he knows what he’s doing and is fixing errors.

Are you sure that’s it’s not just similar? Have you compared the code?

I don’t see why would I lie, you can even ask SparkZ. He’s a person that supported me while I was learning Lua. I can also show you some other projects of mine, they use the same layout because it’s MY coding.

– I coded this for PFS servers. It never had any lua errors. I am guessing the lua errors were caused when he was decrypting the code or something, no clue.

Generally speaking, it should be assumed that anything you send to the clients can be stolen.
Besides which, it’s good practice to completely separate your client and server logic. There’s no reason to clog up the client’s downloads with crap they won’t execute eh?

So I shouldn’t put Client and Server code in the same script? I thought the player only downloaded the client stuff and not the whole script. Oh well, thanks for the new information.

Have you filed a complaint against the addons that were stolen?

I reported it.

code_gs is right. Did you checked the code to make sure it’s the same?
Maybe he just created something similar.

I am pretty sure I know what I made and what I didn’t. It looks exactly the same, exactly the same. And it’s funny because the picture was taken on my server.

He also deleted my posts from the workshop.

Proof it was taken from my server:

  1. Minecraft map
  2. 30 points
  3. SteamID to the left. (That’s the message that prints in chat when someone leaves)

Honestly, I don’t care anymore, I was a bit sad. But this is life and it’s unfair, we just have to leave the past the way it is.

Did you compare the code?

Those hackers have this script stealer that steals literally EVERY lua file on your server and converts it into a text file to the hacker. I know about it since it happened to me also.

Not pleasant having your whole server file leaked.

compare the files, the shit you have isn’t unique to begin with, any coder worth a pimple on their face will probably be able to recreate this faster and more easily then stealing it.

I am not talking about it being unique. The code was STOLEN. I suggest you read the thread before you hop in and start insulting.

I haven’t seen this on any server yet. Death is completely right. I literally watch him make a lot of his code, this being an exception. stop hating on death for being upset someone stole his code.

The shared/client code has to be sent to the client (and are cached?) in order for the client to run them.

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Death, you also haven’t given much proof besides “he stole my code.” Show us up snippets that show there was stolen code?

Oh, so he just stole your “idea.”


I do not need to show anyone anything (Because I am not sure how I can do that). I am just glad I made something worth stealing.

Actually you can. Download his add on, unpack the gma

Put both lua files into this:
Then you’ll see if it’s a exact copy, an iteration on your code or completely unique code.