How are player models rigged?

Hi all. So yeah, that’s kinda my question. This is also one of my first posts here, so that’s cool.

To make a long story short describing the situation, it all started with me being on the GTAForums and I was helping another member there with a total conversion mod thing. He made the map if I mixed the radio stations and did the plot. So I got in touch with a good friend of mine so we could write the plot. We ended up making something that was like a mix of “Ghosts/Aliens”, “Napoleon Dynamite”, “Real Ultimate Power”, and both “New Kids” movies. I also got in touch with another member on there to help make the protagonist model, which happened to be a female. So the protagonist gets made, super cool, and my buddy and I go to present the plot and the protagonist to the guy who’s running the mod. He turned it down at a first glance, saying that he didn’t want his mod to have a female protagonist. If he were to explain why he didn’t want it with actual reasoning, it would be understandable. But if he’s just gonna say “I don’t want any broads running around my town, end of discussion” like that, it’s kinda kicking me and everyone else who helped on the plot end in the face. He also said that the protagonist was an expy of my ex girlfriend, which is a pretty bold statement. Even if my ex girlfriend was a bald Ethiopian transvestite, he’d still say the same about the protagonist. So I tell another buddy of mine about the situation, he suggests I move me and my buddy’s game to Source. So I look around, seems good enough, and here I am. The dude who made the model is also pretty cool with it, so yeah.

Goddamn, that was long. So yeah, if any of you guys know how player models are rigged in source, that’d be super grateful. I have a picture of the protagonist below, so it’s pretty cool. It’s still a WIP, seeing as the “City” logo is pretty big, but so far, it’s good. If any of you know what “City” is, hats off to you. I’m just getting started in source, so yeah. Hopefully I can do some cool stuff with it from what I heard. Sorry for the rambling.

Not quite sure what exactly you’re asking, but Source models are typically rigged to the ValveBiped skeleton.

As Sergeant said rig them to the valvebiped skeleton and then include the appropriate mdl animations inside your qc. I’d use the valve male model found in the source sdk content folder as reference. That said you could just decompile a citizen model and use its reference smd skeleton too

So the model has to be remade? Or can it still be used, but only rig it a certain way?

The mesh itself is fine, it just needs to be re-rigged to the Valve skeleton.

Alrighty then. Thanks for the pointers! You’ve been a good help