How Are Resources Distributed Across the maps? No resources in the North?


Just a quick question. Exactly how are the spawn points for resources determined? Are they preset? Do they spawn depending on the location of players? Allow me to explain. In one game, a group of friends and I decided to go to the north end of the map known as Sweden (see map linked below). We were trying to find a place where we would not get raided (or as much). There were not players in Sweden, so we thought we found the perfect place.


However, it turned out that were were absolutely NO RESOURCES besides a few tress. No animals, no wood stock piles, and no mine-able rocks. Eventually, we had to abandon the area because it was too difficult to live their. Not from the raiders, but from the lack of resources.

Is the northern section purposely sparse in resources?

from what i can tell there is a point where the map kinda just stops. but you can keep going anyway… but there is nothing out there

I wouldn’t say the “northern section” is devoid of resources, but Sweden is one of those places that’s (much) more sparse. If you want to be out of the way, I’d recommend Hacker valley, specifically near Hacker Mtn South… where there’s a few resource spawns. It’s a trek to get over Everust and back every day, but well worth it for the security, imho.

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Oh and to actually answer your question: The spawns are rather predetermined. It does not depend on player population in that area, they just tend to spawn in the same spots-ish.

The current playable area is only a rather small section on the entire map. The rest of the world hasn’t been seeded for resources–it’s effectively just a wasteland right now that they’ll be filling out as development continues. Beyond that, resource nodes only spawn in particular areas, even in the playable region of the world. However, I believe they are working on making resource spawns more dynamic, as opposed to static.

What mr. mayham said, they are working on dynamic resource spawns.