How are the YouTube Screens done?

How is it done? I know there’s lua involved but how do I create it.

People are being really tight-lipped about this and it’s fucking stupid. The only way I can think you can do it is download the SENT from and place it in your map. But the only SENTs on for it suck, so I dunno.

Has anyone tried to use the hacked vmex and decompiled the GMod Tower map?

I can’t see them using anything other than the above method, all that would differ would be the Lua script used.


The Youtube Player in GMODTower is basically all server-side. Right now the only way that seems possible is by adding it in manually every time you start up your map.

Where could I get the hacked vmex? The last time I remember I tried the site that had it, and the download link was broken.

Google is your friend

If you absolutely want to decompile it, you might need to do a little more than loading it up with the hacked VMEX.

Thinking about it it could be spawned with lua at a defined set of map co-ordinates a la stargates and could well be a waste of your time with decompiling.

It used to work with the previous Youtube Player, but for some reason v2 is giving problems.

I’ve decompiled it, I’m gonna see…


The only thing I could find was an entity named ‘gmt_theater’ at the bottom of the screen

Yeah, like I said it’s mostly handled from their server. What I think is happening is that they simply put that entity there, and then tell some LUA files on their server to spawn the Youtube player at that location.

For GModTower, we made a custom lua entity that spawns the theater screen model and places an internet browser over the model.