How believable is this?

On a scale of 1-5, 1-10, 1-100 or whatever you want.

Not necessarily like, “OMG I BELIEVE IN GHOSTS!”, more like “If I didn’t know that was dm_lockdown, I would believe this is real footage.”





that is epic dude, 80

Now I’m confoosed.

[sp]One is sarcasm[/sp]

Why does that abandoned hospital have a light on. :crossarms:

Well I’m sure it will fool some :tinfoil: who doesn’t know about GMod.

I was gonna put something dumb in the description like “a gost tunred it on! ;o” but decided, meh, whatever.

I’d say 3/5

Here, I made another, this time REALLY worked at making it look like it was shot with a low quality camera. Paid attention to fps, quality, everythang.

Double post, but I just can’t stop.

THe last one is horrible I’d say. It’s like some texture just flowing over the screen.

Hm :confused: well I tried to quiet it for the fourth one, but still is kinda visible.

rating has gone from -3 to -2

you’re making progress

Here’s my thoughts on it. Interesting idea, but poorly done. Your camera movement feels very forced and practiced instead of fluid and random. Don’t look at the ground all the time, not everyone holds the camera at their hip so look up! I understand that when you are creeped out you wont always be looking through the view finder aka keeping it straight, but you wont always have it looking at the ground.

If you are doing a static camera put it at an interesting angle/location. Most of where you have it is boring and illthought out. Some ideas: looking at a doorway with flickering lights, show you walking infront of it as if you placed it down.

The one sound you use is horrible, it’s just you rubbing your hand over the mic. Add some more sound effects like: heavy breathing (but not too over powered, even muffle it if you want), foot sounds (so we don’t think you are just floating around), something scratching (could be the ghost doing it), slight screams/voices (usually very creepy). Just some ideas I have.

Hopefully you use these ideas and make something a little better.

Well currently my main focus is simply making it look real in all situations with ease. As you can see in mostly just 2 and 4, I’m getting close. Essentially I’ve got the low quality yet realistic look of a cheap digital camera/cell phone camera down. I’ll be building on your suggestions from there.

But as for passing it off as real to people I haven’t told I filmed it in Gmod - it’s great! On various forums where I’m posted it as simply “ghost footage I took in an abandoned hospital”, not a single person has said anything like “Oh well it looks like it’s animated.”

So. That’s about it. I’ll see what I can pull off tomorrow.

People like you who make videos that are obviously fake and say “100% REAL OMG OMG” make me hate youtube.

Seriously, what are you, 12?

He’s just depicting what most people would add to their video titles especially things like “ghost” videos. I see that everywhere.

As for the video, I love the first person perspective style. As the comments before me said, it seems to be filmed on the waist. So film a bit higher. I think you did well on the lighting, it made it look believable, especially in the second video (which I think is the best one out of the four). Just work on smoothing out the camera movements. (don’t do so much quick turns with the camera)

What monkey said. Clearly it’s a parody.

And thanks for the tips, monkey.

More importantly, why does an abandoned hospital have a dedicated Internet connection?