How big can you make a map?

Is say, bigcity the biggest a map can be? If so, what is keeping anybody from making a bigger map? I have a map I’d like to add to (With the authors permission.) but the question I’m asking is why the author hasn’t already added to it. Its a replica of a game world and its about 70% of the entire world, and its extremely well done. The only thing that would make it better is the other elements and areas he didn’t add.

So what is it, is there a reason I could’nt make it bigger?

yes, you’ll be hardpressed on limits. Not just on a grid, but brust count, tjunc, and water indicies.

The Source engine, at it’s core, is something with quite a few limitations, seeing as it was made for hardware dating all the way back to 2003/2004. And really, even further than that if you really wanted to count all the old as fuck Quake code which is probably still lying around here and there in the codebase. Source 2007, is a little better in some ways, but a lot of those same limitations still apply. 2013 ain’t much better, from what I’ve seen. These hard-coded limitations from way back when are part of the reason why Valve has been spending so much time developing Source 2.

the binary space partition isn’t something of a desirable format for large environments. Large city scapes, sprawling land just doesn’t bode well with BSP. Never has. It florishes in smaller maps, and can run well on a large varity of hardware.

Source2 will be more of a modern engine by being mesh based. S2 also provides good VR from what i can see. Since they where in that joint venture with HTC, it would not be surprising to see them make the push for the engine because of VR.

im looking forward to seeing what source 2 mapping is capable of. but at the same time, its gonna suck seeing everything i have made go obsolete.

obsolete is a harsh word, just look at the Goldsrc maps from cs and dod even hl1 mods they still get played and with sven coop 5.0 mappers still map for Goldsrc, plus the source2 Hammer of DOTA 2 and destintations wil import a vmf and convert it to the new format, it just requires porting the textures over to the new .vmat format to bring it all together :slight_smile:


To be honest, porting a goldsrc map to source just requires you to import the rmf and fix the entities and texture positions.

yes i agree if you have the rmf its easy to port a glodsrc to source 1, i’ve done a few just for experience the hard part or time consuming is texturing goldsrc texture scale is 1 where source 1 is usualy 0.25 , and if you upscale a source 1 map to dota2 “source 2” level the texture scale is back to 1 :slight_smile:

Do you have the capabilities to actually put some thought behind your statements? What is so wrong with Source2 that you dislike?

I’m guessing it’s a cynical statement implying we probably won’t see a fully functional and complete SDK for Source2 for… like… ever.

Well, not ever but it was formally announced a year and a half ago and all we’ve seen are some VR demos, and Destinations.

Steam Dev Days are happening very soon and they have exactly zero talks about developing with Source 2.

It’s really starting to bum me out because I’ve been holding off starting work on a big project because I’d rather use Source 2, but looks like I might as well learn Unity or UE4.

Not trying to be a troll or get anyone fired up, but we’ll probably only see a S2 SDK when HL3 comes out. At this point, HL3 would be more of a tech demo for Source2 SDK and set of assets for anyone interested in developing with Source2.

I wholeheartly agree about their current situation with Src2. Perhaps they aren’t boasting about their current roadmap and saying what is going to be released soon. I believe a lot of the hold ups could be their enterance into the VR market and trying to get the game to work with that (as seen as some of the VR demos, Destinations).

As of the recent moves from Valve, it seems they have no interest to continue in the FPS arena besides CS:GO which is doing just fine on the Source engine.

Whenever Source2 comes out, and valve finally gets back into creating games instead of selling community skins, or messing around with DOTA2. It’ll be a great day. But now, it is really an UE4/Unity environment and valve continues to slip behind.

I would love to believe Valve is just taking time to make sure the release goes well and they have most the bugs worked out. They’re pushing VR incredibly hard, and I definitely understand why, but that’s an investment that’s going to take many, many years to pay off, if ever.

Sadly, I doubt they’re just “taking their time” to make sure the development tools are working properly and easy to use. Based on their history of breaking their engine, SDK, community work with updates then doing absolutely NOTHING to help resolve the issues doesn’t give them a great track record in the whole “helping content creators” thing.

I really, really hope I’m proven wrong and they actually end up releasing some actual, you know, products that just blow everyone’s f*cking mind, but the logical part of me thinks that they just don’t care about creating games or engines when there’s plenty of people/companies already doing that for them.

I’ve gone from a raving fan of Valve to feeling bitter and abandoned by them in the last few years.

If VR is holding up Valve from anything, I won’t even complain because they’re making it a lot more viable than other developers have for the PC by a long shot. I’ve had a few chances to try out the Vive and absolutely plan to get one and experiment when I can afford it.

The Oculus Rift doesn’t come close to the Vive, and to anyone deadset that it’s a gimmick really has to try it because I swore the same but I see the potential and it’s not far off.