How big is citadel

i mean when you get to the top and you would look down, it look’s like this:

and don’t this look alike?

over that > by the river (london)
This is how big i think it is.

and the drop

I think it’s like a mile in height at least.

More than that i mean how many miles dose it take to see from that hight??

Maybe 2-5 miles.

The Citadel is Weird, Because from the ground it looks seriously Thin, and the top of the citadel is weird too, as It’s fairly Small up there and if you looked Down, then there should probably be some sort of ledge, but the citadel Can’t be the same width as the top Because, Well… You look at some of the Spaces inside the citadel, Couldn’t fit all that in!

Also, when you see the citadel pouring out scanners in hl2, The scanners look fairly big, making the citadel look small.

Also, I agree with Mastershake, Probably is about that tall.

Height is something like a burj Dubai :smiley:

Only in the sense that any large centralised city looks like any other large centralised city at night…

Yes, other than that, they look nothing alike.

The picture used for C17 is actually New York.
Also, i’d say that the very top is in the stratosphere.

The scale of the citadel is pretty inconsistent, based on the amount of stuff inside it would have to be probably about a mile across at least just to accommodate the stuff you see.

There’s also a lot of stuff you don’t, so let’s say about 1.5 miles across.

From the outside it’s also much taller than it is wide, so that would make it probably about 15 miles high or something equally ludicrous.

Based on simple exterior scale, it’s about as tall as the radius of the city it’s located in, and cities are usually pretty wide.

So that would give somewhere between 10 and 20 miles high.

Yes but no but. Just a bit of fun:

The model used in d3_c17_13 in the 3d skybox is 8800 x 700 wide (roughly)assuming that it is 0.0625 of it’s real size, and if you assume that 1 unit is one inch (roughly) then it’s about a fifth of a mile wide and 2 miles high (roughly)
How far you could see from the top can probably be worked out using trigonometry - but that’s far too advanced for me.

Thing is though the skybox citadel in HL2 is never as far away as the real citadel would have to be.

You can still see it from well outside the city and it’s still bloody tall, so it must be bigger than that.

It is aprox. 1 kilometer.


Burj Dubai Aprox 1 kilometer high.

Citadel is only half of Burf Dubai’s height. Combine is pissed.

I agree, it’s much taller than 2 miles. thing must be made of some strong shit cause steel would probliy buckel under its own weight.

It’s supposed to be impossibly huge.

nice idea :slight_smile: .citadel in london.

Well, the part that can be seen from ground level is something like Burj Dubai, but as seen from Ep1, it continues far to the underground.

Just so you know: The city you see on the night mode picture is New York :slight_smile:

3rd time someone says it on this thread :smiley:

Well, atleast nobody will be misinformed.