How big is the chance?

Okay, I was thinking of buying a Gold Member Upgrade to get a alpha key :smiley:
but how big is the chance of getting one?
how offen dos gerry post them and how many? :slight_smile:

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Every few days probably and with 10 keys per batch I guess.

Buying gold increases your chance from 0% to a higher amount so if you really want one, go for it.

I’d say < 5% give or take.

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TY :slight_smile: but how do you know thate if you not a gold member?

You have ‘Gold Member’ under your name.
About the Gold Membership only for a key.I got it using my friends account,and I was checking in every 5 minutes.I missed one batch of 10,by12 minutes and they were all gone,so you have a limited time window until they are all gone.Really limited!

okay, so its one time a day?


okay TY but is there a special time on the day he dos it

No there isn’t.Helk or Pat come into the server and say there’s gonna be a wipe.Then you take your stuff and disconnect.Always take your stuff before you disconnect!

He posts around 10 twice a day, around the same time every day. The keys are gone within a couple of mins each time.

More like a couple seconds, they go so damn fast that if you don’t spam F5 you pretty much have no chance.

Gold membership is no longer available to be purchased.

There is way too many gold members these days,that’s why I think they disabled any further purchases of Gold Member in the upgrades.

That and the fact a bunch of us were tricking people into buying gold :v:
[sp]Not me, though. That’s just rude.[/sp]