How big is the map?

How big is the map in Rust? Are there plans to make it infinite? Only reason I ask is that its a survival game and surely youd eventually run out of supplies?

I don’t think infinite is really possible here. You won’t run out of supplies because they respawn every now and then.

Supplies respawns infinitely (after some delay time), and about the map, IMO its pretty big, the only thing that lasts is more buildings / cities over the remove places.

It will not be infinite, but the current map is huge but the playable area is limited.

Here is a picture i took awhile ago. This picture was taken from the other side of the huge mountain ingame. Those mountains in the distance area are about the same size as the huge mountain we all see.

when you start south and travel north it will take a long time to reach the end. the futher you go the less resources you will find, eventually you will reach a point where there arnt any resources, only trees. no rocks or animals.

Did someone already reached the top of Everust Mountain? All people i know that have tried said the food ended before reaching the top.

I did…was trying to find my brother when i was new. Wasted 40min to get up there…then…i got mad and suicided.

The current level is 16x16km, but the playable area is much smaller — slightly less than 1/8th of it.

The future level will be 8x8km.

I assume that will be 8x8km of playable area right?

I got to the Mountain, didnt take that long, I’d say 30 minutes. Needed to get up there cause someone made a base there.

8x8 level, 8x8 playable

Aren’t they working on making animal and resources(rock and log piles) spawn procedurally? which my understanding means it would take a code and spread them out among the playable area.