How big is your Addons folder?

Mine is 5.9GBs :v:

71.3 MB

9000.1 GB


Bigger than my dick.

yeah, 9.35 GB’s, 81,270 files and 20,681 Folders.


Wait- It’s 12.4 GB (13,367,209,984 bytes) now. Getting worried…

And I’m not quite sure what anything is… I have alot of trash in there.
ALSO: Dutch system.

2.3 Giga.
No wonder it takes 4 minutes to load the menu.

112 folders. Most of them are model packs but meh.

So…I have to most so far? :smile:

Also, how long does it take for you guys to load your main menu? Mine Takes about a minute.

When i play spacebuild my folder is 12,3 GB

Huh… I forgot about some stuff in there.

The Toybox folder is 1.04 GB in size.

should I be ashamed of addon hoarding or is that normal ?

I don’t believe in addons.

12.97 gigas
50,254 files 1054 folders
Im an addonaholic like most of you guys here.
And there are some ragdolls that go into garrysmod/garrysmod.
So yea.

14,5 gb


25.1 Gigs.
Hoah shit.