How bill died

Sniped for stupidity and alreeady being taken.ಠ_ಠ

Yeah. It’s been done before.

Give me a link? Or something? :confused:

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Also turn up your AA.

Bill died with an M16

not everyone has supercomputers that can render at 8x+ AA you guys stop bitching about remedial things

Map by stelk.

My 3 year old laptop can use 4x Anti-aliasing. :colbert:

A Tank killed Bill and he wore an expression of rage whilst wielding his m16. He spends the entire Passing campaign napping in a pool of blood.

Im probably going to snip this because its already been done, enjoy this pile of fail while you can! :hurr:


It is a ZS map, search it in google and you may find it.


I know, and I also know about the M16.

Then why did you fuck up one of the most horrible tragedies ever to occur in a videogame?

…Bloody prick…

Apparently Bill had to die. Jim French, the voice actor for Bill wanted more money for doing The Passing. Valve wouldn’t give him that, so he refused. Hence RIP Bill.

Gahh! Pricks everywhere…

He was in jail for dui charges and then he just didn’t come back for passing.
had to clear that up, now I’ll stop bumping.

So Bill died by looking at a Spitter.

You don’t need to pose with 8xAA

You need to take a picture with it.

Somehow I knew this wouldn’t be that good by not capitalizing ‘Bill’

Stelk needs to catch a heel across the face.