How Bill Really Died.

And thus ended the adventures of Bill.

I can see that happening. :v:

Hahah, clever!

Made me smile. By the way, there’s no shadow for Zoey’s gun.

Yes I see it. Weird.

Oh wow that was nice, but the posing need some work.

What’s wrong with the posing? Honestly.

Bill seem to be leaning to much forward, and I don’t think that you put your arms so high up when cocking a gun.

Alright. Point taken. It is always something:eng99:
To my defense. She also cleaned the gun and is checking the gleam.

The only thing I never like about your pictures is the really overdone face posing.
Everything else is pretty perfect(but lower the contrast a bit).

Contrast really? I tend to get exited when it comes to face posing:dance:

Rastifan, there’s always been something weird to your poses and I’ve just figured it out

The camera angle!

Make it a bit more zoomed in

I wanted the whole bed weapon props to show to create atmosphere. Not sure if I succeeded though.

It’s a comedy pose so i would say the posing is fine.

I must be stupid or slow, but… I don’t get it.

haha, me too

In “The Passing” to L4D2 you found Bill dead in a room. This is how he died.
They basically stacked him there and pretended infected killed him in stead of Zoey.

Oh, okay. What’s with the skull?

Bill tried to shock Zoey and suceeded resulting in her shoting him.

Aye. Never scare a woman holding a loaded gun.