How blueprints should work.

In the latest Devblog Garry talked about blueprints and that he was trying to come up with how they should be implemented in game. “One of the biggest things we’re missing right now is blueprints… how they’re acquired, how they’re used, how they’re lost.”

Here’s my personal opinion how I think the should specifically work:

First of all before blueprints are in game there needs to be a few more different structures like the satellite in game. Once there about seven structures in each procedural map, the blueprints should be only found at these locations, in a specific container, like an industrial type cabinet (or something along those lines). In each of these cabinets should lie all the blueprints, around ten. The ten blueprints should be mixed, ie four bolt action blueprints, four thompson bp’s etc (and whatever garry wants the other blueprints to be).

I think this would create fun gameplay as at a new server wipe everyone would be rushing to each of these monuments to get the blueprints first, also trying to build huge buildings around the area so no other people could get to them, and then making people give you something in order to let them through. (You shouldn’t be able to simply build a 2X2 around the cabinet, but rather 15 meters from the vicinity of the cabinet should be unbuildable, so you would have to build a huge long structure to stop people getting to them)

As a player once you open the cabinet you hold E on the bp’s and click ‘Learn’. (You are unable to pick up the blueprint and move them from the cabinets, or destroy them) There should be a time delay of about 1 minute to learn a new blueprint, and you are unable to learn another one until that one is learned. Once you learn that blueprint it disappears from the cabinet and it is forever in your inventory on that server. Once you have a blueprint learned you should be able to craft more from it, but only a limited number, ie five more each, to either give to your friend or trade.

Once all the blueprints have been learned, new one’s re-appear in the same cabinets, but only rarely, i.e four new bp’s each 24 real world hours at each of the seven monuments.

What do you think?

yeah lets make the most important progression aspect of the game be kept in a tiny defendable area so new players have absolutely 0 chance of getting to them past max gear players. nope.

Well can i add to your idea?

The delay is a good idea, but you would need time to research it, you need time to memorize it, and you need light to read it, ex. you cannot read a bp in the middle of the forest, 3am with a pack of wolves on your tail.

And how about some random campsites to generate?

Maybe some campfires with tents that have stuff in them?

I get what your saying, but you cant craft a sleeping bag at 3am with a pack of wolves on your tail either. (Which you can of course do in game)

I like the idea of needing something in your inventory in order to be able to learn the bp. What about a magnifying glass, which you can craft from 20 metal frags and 50 wood…

personally i would see blueprints replaced by books. when they are in your inventory you can craft that item, but it is not learnt or consumed with each use. makes them a comodity; both tradable and raidable.

I do like your blueprint ideas, but I think yoshibaby has a point, that this tips the balance against new players to much…

I agree with mrknifey that blueprints should be both tradable and raidable…

Perhaps you can craft a book with paper, and find blueprints in the world ( at monuments, through raiding, random loot spawns at random ruin locations across the map), add them to your blueprint ledger.

This way you don’t have 50 different books taking up 50 different inventory slots, and its your own personal blueprint journal.

Id rather blueprints work like they do in the original game, loot them, learn them, make them.

lol rob them :slight_smile: