How Can Admins Pick People Up In Jailbreak?

Ive Got A Jailbreak Server, I Can Spawn A Physgun And I Can Move The Maps Props But I Cant Pick People Up.
Any Help?

Here, it’s a fairly simply hook; on mine I have it check their actual level; for this one I just made admins able to pick up non admins. If you want to check levels, then remove && !_target:IsAdmin( ) and replace it with && _p:IsHigherLevel( _target ) and have the IsHigherLevel function return true or false depending if the player is higher than target.:


// On PhysgunPickup, if the target is valid, and is a player, and the user trying to pick up the target is an admin, and the target is not an admin; allow the pickup. If the target is an admin, or the player is not, then deny it. - Josh ‘Acecool’ Moser
hook.Add( “PhysgunPickup”, function( _p, _target )
// Allow admins to pick up lower level players
if ( IsValid( _target ) && _target:IsPlayer( ) ) then
if ( _p:IsAdmin( ) && !_target:IsAdmin( ) ) then
_target:Freeze( true );
_target:SetMoveType( MOVETYPE_NOCLIP );
return true;
return false;
end );

// If the player did successfully pick up the target, then on drop reset their movement so they can’t fly away - Josh ‘Acecool’ Moser
hook.Add( “PhysgunDrop”, function( _p, _target )
if ( IsValid( _target ) && _target:IsPlayer( ) ) then
_target:SetMoveType( MOVETYPE_WALK );
_target:Freeze( false );
end );[/lua]

Sorry, Will it Work On Deathrun?

Just get ulx

Dont Work :\

your coding style is so fucking annoying, i’m sorry