How can haz particle effects?

Bashikalleh, I found what seems like all the hl2 effects (could be just EP2) in the half life 2 materials gcf which had the pcf file extension. So I browsed all of them in the particle editor (accessible by starting hl2 or gmod with -tools option) and thought “can haz in game?”. “No” came the reply soon after I tried spawning a info_particle_system clientside.

Alas, I must be able to use these particle effects clientside, but how? Is there anyway I can spawn these effects or is gmod barred from using them due to gmod failings?

One effect for example is the vort’s charge effect or prehaps a giant pillar of flame. What if I decided to roll my own effect? Any way to spawn these effects clientside or do I still have to code stupid lua effects?

You’ll want to take a look at these:


Don’t forget to precache them on both client and server before using them, else you will see a bunch of red crosses instead of the particles you’re expecting.


Oh, also drop the theatrical talk and the “can haz” part, a bunch of people here are kind of anti-meme, that might make them not want to help you just because of that. :v:

Oh awesome, this is exactly it, thanks.

I understand you’re trying to help but you have to understand that I could care less about what some kids online think. This is like my 8th account or something, with my first being an 07. Plus its like 2 am.

I’d prefer help from a mature person anyway over some pre-teen who is bothered by something so harmless. I mean all your avatar says is “penis”. I’m sure someone is bothered by that but do you give a shit? na.

True, you’ve got a point there. :v:
Well right then, I thought you were a new member, sorry for the mistake.