How can i access all of my addons without going through each one because...

…I have too many…alright i do it because i need them to make screenshots…and of course eventually im gonna make my gmod start crashing so i will need to start getting rid of what i dont need…but could someone tell me how? please?

Sorry, can you explain a bit more what you’re trying to do?

You could extract them all via GMADConvetor

Lets see
Like if i had 100 addons that were all in seperate folders i would want to access them but i sometimes the model name is off screen and i wont know its them…OR i can get lost very easy like if the administrator ragdoll is in the middle i could pass it without knowing this…can you tell me how i can see ALL OF THEM at once ingame…without going into the addons folder ingame

Use this:

I used it before ironicly…i didnt know it does that

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so i downloaded it but i cant seem to browse all my addons using it…

Okay i dont know if extended spawn menu will do anything with what im doing…so if it does do what i want it to do…im obviously not knowing what to do because all i see is material’s and sound’s which i DONT need…i want to see ALL OF THE ADDONS IN THEIR RESPECTIVE FOLDER! IN GAME…I dont know anything else to make it more obvious.

Oh, yeah, it does that. Above materials and sounds, you’ve got addons, legacy addons and games.

Just click on which one you’re looking for and it’ll bring a drop down menu, which I think is what you’re looking for.

I KNEW THAT ALREADY…HOW…calm down aaron…calm down.

let me make this clear “I WANT A MENU THAT WILL HAVE ALL ADDONS SHOWN IN ONE PLACE AND NOT IN ADDON TABS LIKE THE PICTURE NiandraLades SHOWN…” what im saying is…have them into ONE not into different sections! it’d probably save time because when im saying i have alot of addons

Are you autistic? For that you simply need to make a spawnlist and add it into the game.
These are really simple to make, they just take a bit of time.

You can even do them INGAME and have your nice little folder and the Extended Menu addon will help you with this.

i knew that but i need it to be in ONE MENU WITH ALL IN IT…theres too many addons to do that with!

Just use a spawn list generator (like Fox-Warrior’s) to add them all to one menu.


aaron did you try gmadconv?

Just a heads up for the future, these types of thread titles are bannable.


Cliffhanger titles.