How Can i Add Addon to the server i work for?

ok i am a super admin with rcon pass and everything i just dont know how to add addons to the server i mean my friend did it why cant i? please help me guys

You need FTP access.

If its computer hosted tell him to get team viewer and leave it on im guessing you wont go into his files

If its hosted by a server aka or xeonx servers you need ftp ask him if you can have the pass ect

Or make a sub user for you.

wtf how do i use ftp im owner of sever

Ask your hoster.
Or look in there FaQ it should tell you, What hoster are you with.

Teamviewer sucks VNC FTW.

If you have a home based server Ftp can be useful because teamviewer/vnc type things are generally sluggish.

TeamViewer does lag i tried to help my mate and i ended up deleteing his gmod folder when i wanted to delete the css folder (he had two)

if it’s hosted on linux like mine (on winehq) you can ssh into the box, and then download addons with wget