how can i add models to the pointshop?

hey guys so i want to know how to add models to my pointshop and make only vip’s able to buy it and i want to know how to put normal models.
i did try to do it but i couldn’t its hard.

ok i did add the vip tab, but now i want to put models in it and make only vip’s be able to buy from it, can you tell me how?

Look at the other categories to see how they design their category,a nd look at the items inside it. They’re assigned to that category because of the folder they’re in.
Drop the player model lua files you want them as in there.
(Look at existing playermodel files like the Kleiner for examples)

ok, but still where should i put the models file?

goddamnit can’t you do any research on your own?
There are probably scores of tutorials online just for this