How can I add more util.effects?

Hello everyone, this is my first thread in the facepunch community so I might get punched for posting something wrong.

I am working on a little cooking script for myself. Well, the meth cooking addons inspired me, not the drugs part, but the stove and effects. Cooking basically.

I am making a food type of cooking addon (I know there might be a lot of these already but I want to learn how to make things like this not chew on things like this. lol my avatar is a doge)

Here is where my question pops up:

local effectdata = EffectData()
effectdata:SetOrigin ( self:GetPos() )
effectdata:SetScale( 1 )
util.Effect ( “SMOKE”, effectdata )

That smoke effect is terrible and cant be removed :frowning: It is the only default smoke effect in the util.effect list, i saw that the meth cooking addons had their own effects like “Glassbreak” etc…

I tried downloading this to find some util.effects but no luck

Can someone explain where I can find more effects for this?

What? There’s a whole list here that has a ton more effects you can use in place of that one:

Just because the example code uses 1 effect doesn’t mean there’s only 1 effect that can be used

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You can probably even make your own unique effect if you have SFM and you use the Particle Editor

Oh well I did look through that list but it only had one specific smoke particle. I have seen in other addons where the pot emits green, yellow , and blue smoke. Ill search on google for a sfm tutorial


I found thumper dust. Ill try bot to be an idiot next time specifically looking for the word smoke on the list…

You can set the color of the effect