How can i charge zpms on Carter's Addon Pack?

I have recently downloaded CAP and i was wondering how can i charge zpms.
When i spawn zpms they come with zero capacity and energy, and i can’t seem to find a way to charge them.

1º Do you need Resource Distribution 2 and Life Support to use zpms, do you have them?
2º Make sure that the zpm is linked to the device and that “Glows”

If you did all the steps and still nothing, then, it’s a bug.

  1. You need RD3. 2 isn’t supported.
  2. There is no way to recharge ZPM. They come with 100% power and after depleting them, you can just throw them out.

I disagree Madman07, you can recharge them. Altrough it’s not simple.


You need 1 ZPM with 100% (Or any other energy source that has enough energy to recharge ZPM) and another one with 1% (Low energy or so.). Link 100% ZPM (Or energy source) to atlantis ZPM hub, and add the ZPM with low energy to the ZPM hub (i didn’t test it with empty ZPMs). Your ZPM should be recharged back to ~50% or so.