how can i convert 3ds models into mdl?

I’ve got some 3ds models and I want to have them in gmod. How can I convert them?

I think you have to decompile them, then re-compile as .mdls.

You don’t decompile to make a .mdl file what are you doing.

I’m taking a guess, hence the “think”.

Why to comment if you don’t know? ~shit.

You have firstly to check what program you use for models, but since I see it’s .3ds it’s 3DS max, you have to buy it, or at least get trial version. Then download .smd exporter, and then texture it if it’s not textured, if it is textured then specify textures in right paths. Then you just export it as .smd , write up .QC file, and then compile into .mdl
I know it sounds kinda complicated and long process, but do it once and it will be easy next time.